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Keisie Cottages

Farm Accommodation Montagu
Vredendal Farm
R318, Keisie Valley, Montagu, RSA
Phone 023 100 0061 or whatsapp / phone Pauline on 072 384 2551
or phone William on 082 690 7599


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GPS: 33 41'54.47"S - 19 55'24.35"E


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On-farm activities

Keisie Cottages

There are many things that you can do during your stay at Keisie Cottages, depending on whether you just want to relax and recharge the batteries or whether you have a desire to actively get out and experience the surrounding area.

Find the Animals

The farm is a transient home for many different animals and while most are shy and seldom seen, you may well see their spoor or catch a glimpse of them. Mammals that have been spotted on the farm include Leopard (only the spoor as it passes through), Bat-eared Fox, Cape Grysbok (can sometimes be found on the lawn of Gooseberry House), Grey Rhebuck, Baboon, Cape Porcupine, Small Spotted Genet, Yellow Mongoose, Small Grey Mongoose, Klipspringer, Caracal, Cape Fox, Cape Hare, Honey Badger, Smiths Red Rock Rabbit and many more.

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Find the Birds

The farm is also home to a wide variety of bird species with almost a hundred confirmed species sighted here, from simple little brown numbers all the way through to spectacular Verreaux eagles (witkruisarend), buzzards, falcons, owls and all sorts in between.

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Find the Fruit

Our farm specialises in growing cape gooseberries and we also process and pack gooseberries on the farm. In fact, the first gooseberries planted in the Keisie Valley were planted on our farm. These gooseberries are deliciously sweet and you are welcome to pick some and try them as you walk around the farm. We also have a small winemakers special block of merlot grapes that we provide to Montagu cellars as well as a small young planting of chenin blanc grapes. We also have some young pecan nut trees which still need to grow a bit before they start producing nuts. While we used to grow apricots we have now removed all of these to make way for more gooseberries, but we do have individual trees of a wide variety of fruit, including quinces, apricots, almonds, figs, peaches, lemons and others.

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Find the Vegetables and Herbs

We are currently replanting our extensive herb garden and also have a fresh farm vegetable garden that contains vegetables in season. You are most welcome to stroll through these gardens and select some fresh vegetables and herbs to take back to your cottage to produce a farm-fresh meal. Speak to us to see what we have growing at present.

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Find the Tranquility

You obviously also have the option of doing absolutely nothing except lazing by the swimming pool, relaxing under the oak trees alongside the river, smelling the roses, curling up around the fireplace, enjoying a braai or taking a picnic basket and a bottle of wine up the hill to watch the sunset or the moon rise.

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Find the Adventure

There are many different routes that you could take to go for walks on our farm and on the neighbouring farms, ranging from easy strolls to serious energy-sapping walks. We are at the foot of Burgers Pass and there are many cycling routes in the area that again range from the gentle to the arduous. Ask us for suggestions if you want to pursue any of these more adventurous options.

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